With their exquisite beauty and seductive charms, some of our beautiful Sydney escorts can really blow your mind. But how much do you know about your date and what she does, other than that she does it really well! This article outlines a few statistics from the sex industry – with a particular focus on escorts – that might also blow your mind. If you want to know more about Models Escort Agency in particular, check out our About Us page.

Educated Escorts

The woman you’re spending the evening with is more than just a pretty face. According to a 2011 study, half of all escorts have undertaken some form of tertiary education. Furthermore, one in five will have a Bachelor’s degree qualification.

Hard Working

Most escorts also work in other professions. Employment in the hospitality industry is popular, with nearly half of all escorts also taking on secondary employment as a waitress, bar worker or barista. A further 40% of escorts work in the retail industry. Other popular or common industries include business administration (10%) and the arts (10%). Some of the girls actually work in more than one other job, which is why the above figures add up to over 100%.

Accessing Escorts

Escorts are often digitally savvy. Around 60% of escorts use online platforms to advertise their services. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are increasingly important for engaging the customer base. While the terms and conditions of these sites forbid using the site for sexually explicit activity or advertising, at least four out of five escorts use Facebook and Twitter to stay connected with their favourite clients.

Often Spoken For

Given the nature of their work, it is surprising to learn that a quarter of all escorts are in long-term relationships (mostly either married or de facto). The majority of these girls report that their partners are aware of their involvement in the sex industry. The study didn’t delve deeper to determine whether the partners were happy about it though!


Have you ever wondered how many other appointments your favourite girl has on each week? A 2003 study found that the average escort saw 24 clients in a busy week and just eight in a slow week. The same study found that only 10 – 20% of clients meet up with an escort on a weekly basis. The majority of clients have a date with an escort every few months.

Healthyhot blonde in tight black dress and sexy glasses

Australian research has determined that escorts consistently demonstrate a higher standard of sexual health than members of the general population. You actually have a far greater risk of picking up a sexually transmitted disease going home with a girl from a club than you do with a professional escort.

These statistics prove that the sex industry is vibrant, growing and often surprising. But there’s no need to commit this information to memory. All you need to remember is our beautiful escorts can make your next date one of the most pleasurable experiences of your life.

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