There are plenty of reasons to enjoy sex. And there are even more reasons to enjoy it regularly. But are you aware of how much regular sex can contribute to your overall health and wellbeing? Our stunning Sydney escorts have compiled the top five of a whole host of health benefits associated with regular sexual activity.

Sex is Exercise

Move over treadmills, dumbbells and rowing machines. There’s a new, much more fun way to burn those calories and get fit. Research from the University of Quebec in Canada has found that sex qualifies as exercise. The research found that the energy exerted during sex was equivalent in intensity to a game of tennis or walking uphill. This study found that men will burn around four calories per minute during sex, while women will burn about three per minute. In the end, sex isn’t as great as a jog in terms of calorie burning (nine calories per minute for men, seven calories per minute for women), but we’re yet to go on a jog that felt as good as sex.

Sex Lowers your Blood Pressuretwo sexy nurses in stockings suspenders

Sex can keep your blood pressure in check. A New England Research Institute Study found that men who enjoy sex more than twice per week are about 65 per cent less likely to have blood pressure problems than men who have sex less than once per month. Interestingly, the same results don’t apply to masturbation. The researchers think it might have something to do with oxycontin, a chemical released by the brain when it senses intimacy with another physical body.

Sex Reduces Risk of Erectile Dysfunction

An international study led by Tampere University Hospital’s Department of Urology found that men who have sex at least once per week halved their risk of developing erectile dysfunction, compared to men who had sex less than once per week. Unlike the blood pressure benefits, this is a sex health tip you can implement on your own. The study indicates that any physical stimulation that gets blood flowing will reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Sex may Prevent Prostate Cancer

Harvard University research has found that regular sex can help prevent prostate cancer. It’s the end game that’s important in this case. The study found that men who ejaculated more than 20 times each month were one third less likely to develop prostate cancer. There are two trains of thoughts around why it’s beneficial. Some believe that the regular ejaculation helps remove a build up of carcinogens. Others believe the ejaculation helps to relieve psychological tension, which in turn reduces harmful central nervous system activity that could contribute to cancer development.

Sex can reduce pain

A study by the University of Munster in Germany found that 60 per cent of migraine sufferers reported a reduction in migraine pain following sexual activity. The same study found similar benefits for cluster headache sufferers, with one in three reporting that sex reduced the pain. The study suggests that endorphins release during sex can be just as effective as paracetamol or other traditional painkillers in reducing or even eliminating headache pain.

There are number of other health benefits associated with regular sex – better sleep, improved resistance to colds and flus, improved skin, and a heightened sense of smell are just a few more examples. The health benefits are fantastic, but in the end, sex is a fantastic experiencing that is worth well worth indulging in anyway!

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