So we already have an idea of why people use escorts – but why do women become escorts? Many people enjoy and perpetuate the stereotype of the young woman with ‘daddy issues’, but this is a generalisation that ultimately doesn’t fit many of the ladies in the industry. So why do women choose to become escorts? With the help of some of our lovely model escorts, we’ve explored a few of the reasons.

They enjoy intimacy

Just like men, many women have an active libido and enjoy physical intimacy. Having a job like escorting offers them the opportunity to fulfil their sex drive and connect on different levels with their clients.

They need income

A source of income is a necessity for most people. Women who escort are no different! Escorting can be a lucrative career path and can offer financial stability and flexibility for ladies from all backgrounds.

They want to be their own boss

Women who become escorts are often entrepreneurial types who want to make their own way in the world. They want to work on their own terms, doing the hours they want to, and only dealing with the people they want to. Being an escort is an opportunity to seize control of their life and set the terms of interactions, and part of this is choosing who they will take on as clients and setting the boundaries of what they will and won’t do.

They like to meet a range of people

One of the key traits of women who escort is a friendly and approachable personality. We can tell you right now that all of our ladies love meeting new people and thrive off interacting with their clients.

They are confidentsexy blonde secretary

Being confident enough in your own body and skills to put them out there for others to enjoy requires a person have a high self-esteem and know their own value. Without having the confidence to back themselves, people can find escorting difficult. The ladies that choose this line of work know who they are and what they are doing!
When it comes to the reasons why women become escorts, it could be any one thing or a combination of them all. Of course, at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter why they do it – the most important part is that they love their job, and they love giving you a mind-blowing experience!
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