It’s a universal truth that when you look good, you feel more confident. What better time to look and feel your best then when trying to impress the opposite sex! With these grooming tips, we can guarantee you’ll be more than prepared for your next hot date with one of our stunning Sydney escorts, allowing you to relax and concentrate on making an emotional and physical connection.

man shavingHair Removal

Hair removal is more and more popular these days, with a greater percentage of males heading to salons for waxing. No longer does hair reign supreme nor is it taboo for men to undergo treatments once associated only with the female sex. The bro-zilian or back, crack and sack wax has especially become increasingly popular, whether for aerodynamics (less air resistance), to make it look bigger or to please/accommodate a partner. Permanent hair removal is also becoming more widespread, with the number of IPL laser machines on the rise.

Whether you choose to go with a full “man-zilian” or you feel more comfortable trimming the regions south of the border, it is an important basic grooming tip before a date, both for hygiene and appearance. By undertaking your hair removal a few days before you are meeting with your lady friend, you also help to avoid unsightly irritated skin.

Hit the Barbershop

Having a sleek new ‘do’ from your friendly local barber or hairdresser is another great tip to have you looking your best on your next date. If you are uncertain as to what style to choose, rely on your hair specialist’s expertise for the perfect cut, colour or even highlights. If you think your date prefers a clean-shaven look, book yourself in for a hot towel shave as well – nothing says suave like a smooth, strong jawline.

Nail that Look

Maintaining your fingernails and toenails, either through cutting and cleaning, or for the metrosexual male, having a manicure and pedicure, is very important when meeting with the opposite sex. There is nothing more unattractive than being on a date with a male who has dirty fingernails, especially when you’re taking things to another level.

Don’t Forget Cologne

A carefully selected cologne is one of the ultimate turn-ons for women. There are many different ideas on how to choose the right scent. A widespread theory highlights that olive complexions are more suited to a richer more spicy scent, while fairer skin tones will stimulate the olfactory senses with something fresh, complemented by citrus or leafy notes. If you’d like to avoid confusion, then drop into your local perfumery and try a few colognes recommended by the assistants. A good tip is to sniff coffee beans between each cologne to clear your nasal passages, these are generally available at every perfume retailer.

Mints for Fresh Breath

Last but not least, always have mints on hand to keep your breath fresh. There’s nothing worse than having your lady lean in for a kiss before having to retreat in dismay!

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