There is nothing more stimulating in life than exploring a fantasy – especially if it’s something you’ve held in your imagination for many years. You might wish to recapture the feeling of that crush you had on a teacher in high school, or might like to picture yourself as the hero of the sports field, about to be rewarded by a cheerleader with a lot of team spirit. Whatever it is, fantasies are a healthy expression of your sexuality.

Role play allows you to turn your fantasies into reality. While we all have different sexual scenarios that we play out in our imagination when we are feeling amorous, there are a number of top role playing scenarios that our glamourous escorts would be excited to play out with you.

Two Sexy NursesNurse

Many men find a woman in uniform arousing, which may be why the nurse has become a favourite role play scenario. There’s nothing more pleasurable than spending time with someone who’s solely focused on your health and wellbeing. It doesn’t hurt if she also looks great in a crisp white uniform and peaked cap. Role playing with a nurse is always exciting, and will definitely make future hospital visits much more titillating.


Everyone has had a crush on a teacher at some point in their schooling and imagined taking sexual education one step further. A schoolteacher fantasy is an erotic role playing scenario that appeals to all ages and tastes. You may want your schoolteacher to take control and punish you for being a naughty student. Or you might feel that it’s time you taught the teacher a thing or two. It’s up to you to determine what turns you on.


There is nothing sexier than watching a woman in a short skirt doing acrobatic manoeuvres – especially when those moves result in her skirt flying up around her ears. Having a sexy female masquerade as a cheerleader will make you feel like a champion, and will of course make trips to major sporting events much more interesting in the future.


A woman with a bit of authority and power is undeniably attractive. And nothing says authority like a police uniform, complete with a badge and set of handcuffs. You might need a bit of protection or you might need someone to lay down the law. Whatever you’re after, having a sexy policewoman on the scene is so exciting it’s almost criminal.

Secretaryblonde sitting at desk in red lingerie

The secretary role playing scenario is alluring for those wanting to experience a real life dominant/submissive fantasy. It is incredibly stimulating to direct a willing and eager secretary to do your bidding, whether it’s completing the photocopying, fetching a coffee or something a little more risqué. Stockings and high heels fit the character perfectly, and make the secretary role play a much more sensual experience.

These are just some of the more popular role playing scenarios. Whatever fantasy stimulates you – whether it’s something well known or something a little out there – our glamorous model escorts are excited to help it become a reality.

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