Sex – it’s always on our minds. Though the general populace is slowly edging towards a more honest view of sex, there are still underlying snippets of ill-informed hearsay that keeps one speculating, and possibly preventing some from reaching their peak. Let’s take a look at those common myths and debunk them – once and for all.

Men Are More Interested in Casual Sex Than Women

You’ve probably heard this more times than you can count: Men prefer a casual romp, and women want committed sex. These generalisations have been glorified as fact by marketers, advertisers, and every sitcom since the 1970s. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While there are variables that come into play, including environment and safety, many studies indicate that women can be just as amped as men for a one-night-only fling. It also helps that our society has progressed to a point where it is no longer taboo for women to enjoy casual sex.

Women Can Only Reach an Orgasm through Vaginal Intercourse

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If orgasms were achieved as easily as following an instruction manual – you know, slotting Part A into Part B and moving it round for a while – intercourse would be over quite quickly, and – to be honest – it wouldn’t be as fun. Perhaps this myth arose because it mostly works this way for men. However the genesis of an orgasm can vary for women. While some do experience vaginal orgasms, many require some kind of clitoral stimulation. It’s important not to assume that this is applicable for all women; by communicating and indulging in experimentation, you’ll have a far more fulfilling experience.

Aphrodisiacs Boost Your Sex Drive

Some get in the mood by simply nibbling on their lovers ears. Others prefer to be fired up with whips. And then there are those who believe that unleashing their sexual beast is as simple as gulping down some Spanish Fly. The reality is that there is no scientific research to show that any single food or drug can stimulate the sexual organs. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Eating certain foods, including those that are phallic shaped, exotic, or spicy, can suggest sex to the mind and create desire. It’s time to try a little subliminal advertising – after all, it can’t hurt to amass the sexual odds in your favour.

Penis Size Matters

Listen up men: Size is not a measurement for manhood. Anyone with sexual experience will tell you that enthusiasm and passion far outweigh a well-endowed part. Still worried? There are certain positions that enhance and control the depth of the stroke. If it’s shorter, get behind your girl. If it’s longer, there’s nothing sexier than a woman on top.

Great Sex Comes Naturally

Movie sex dictates that when two lovers embrace, sparks emit and mind blowing (and very vanilla) sex naturally ensues. While we sometimes come across a lover that ticks all the boxes immediately, our go-to tricks of the trade don’t always apply when pleasuring a different lover. Good communication and willingness to trying some new tricks is the key to great sex.

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