beautiful Polish dancerUsing a little imagination can really spice up a passionate evening. While we’ve previously looked at some of the most popular roleplaying fantasies you can try with one of our model escorts, sometimes something more unusual is what you need to satisfy you. If you’re interested in exploring unfamiliar grounds, here are some less-common sexy scenarios you might enjoy playing out.

1. King of the Jungle

The best sexual encounters often escalate into pure animalistic madness anyway, so why not skip a couple of steps by roleplaying as a couple of beasts during peak mating season? Pounce on each other, get a little rough, and just generally let your instincts take over. Replace words of encouragement with growls, moans, and maybe even the odd roar. In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion scores tonight.

2. The Rejected Credit Card

In reality, a declined credit card will have you panicking. But in the realm of fantasy, this scenario is an opportunity to pay for goods and services with, well, other goods and services. Perhaps you’re a mechanic and it’s her turn to get your motor running. Maybe she’s a hairdresser who needs fair compensation for the six inches she just took off your hair. Whatever specifics get you the most turned on, the combination of power and desperation in this roleplay will certainly have you feeling saucy.

3. “You’re My Hero!”

Comic-book heroes are popular now, so you don’t have to be shy about how sexy you think they are. For this super-powered scenario, the options are virtually endless. You could explore the secret sexual life of Batman and Catwoman, have the Black Widow come to your rescue in more ways than one, or take the iconic upside-down kiss between Spider-Man and Mary Jane to the next intimate level. Yes, it will seem a little silly at first, but go with the flow and you may be surprised by how sensual adopting an alter ego can be.

4. Playing Doctor

There’s something undeniably sexy about having a hot partner explore your body in intimate detail – and returning the favour, of course! You made an appointment for a general check-up, but there are certain areas of your body that seem to need extra special attention. And then she decides that some experimental approaches might be needed to treat your rapidly growing symptoms. Be sure to follow all instructions given to you by this ‘medical professional’.

5. “We’ve Only Just Met, But…”

Sex with a stranger: it’s kinky, it’s spontaneous, and it’s dangerous. But when it’s a roleplay, only the first two apply. The idea of a sudden steamy encounter based purely on lust at first sight is extremely erotic. As opposed to many other scenarios where you need to develop your character beforehand for full effect, this situation thrives on the mystery of not knowing anything about the sexy person you’re losing yourself in.

Have an unusual fantasy you’d like to engage in with an open-minded partner who won’t judge? One of our stunning Sydney escorts is ready to play; browse our gallery to find your perfect match and contact us to lock in your night of fun.

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