She knew just what to say to get your heart racing, and knew to say it softly and sweetly into your ear. She knew how the touch of her hand on your arm, hand and cheeks would fill you with desire and anticipation. Your date has just given you the most satisfying night you’ve ever experienced. Now that the date is over, while the sensations are still vividly remembered, you might want to take the time to thank your date for her time and expertise. Here are five fantastic and practical ways to say thank you for a great time that’ll thrill your girl more than a bottle of wine or a bunch of flowers. It’s not expected, but it will show just how grateful you are for the best night of your life.

Just say it

One of the simplest, most effective ways to show that you’re thankful is just to say ‘thanks’. Before your companion departs, let her know that you’ve really enjoyed your time together. It might surprise you to know how many times this is overlooked. Be specific, as your positive feedback will help her tailor the experience for next time.

Let the Agency Knowhandsome man on mobile phone

All businesses enjoy receiving positive feedback about their staff. They’ve put time and effort into the training, so they love to hear how it’s paying off with clients. An escort agency is no different. If you’ve had a particularly good date, drop an email or a quick call in to the agency to let them know. It always helps to know which girls are providing really memorable experiences. Your date will also be thrilled – nothing makes you look like a stellar employee than direct feedback to management from a satisfied client.

Let a Friend Know

Most escort agencies are active on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. If you’re comfortable doing so, share your escort experience with your friends over these platforms. Let them know who you spent the evening with, the agency you booked them through, and just how good the night was. Both the escort and the agency will thank you for the promotion. Like every business, agencies love referrals and word of mouth promotion to social networks as it greatly helps in generating a positive brand image and potential new clients.

Leave a Great Review

There are a number of sites and platforms that provide reviews for agencies and escorts. These sites are invaluable promotional tools, as positive reviews help draw more business from both locals and travellers. If you’ve had a fantastic time, consider writing a short review that details the experience. Your review might help generate more business for the agency and their ladies, which will be greatly appreciated by all.

Book another Evening!

Don’t just say thank you – put it into action. If you’ve had a great night, come back for another. Nothing says that you’ve enjoyed your time with a girl like booking in for more. Your escort will be thrilled to see you again too.

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