petite asain escort“Language was invented for one reason, boys – to woo women – and, in that endeavour, laziness will not do.”

John Keating in Dead Poets Society was spot on when he gave his class of schoolboys this invaluable life lesson. If you were hoping for “Nope, just keep talking however you want” as the answer when you clicked on this blog post, prepare to be disappointed. Your vocabulary – and the way you use it – can have a very distinct effect on how attractive you appear to women. Whether she’s a girl at the bar or a model escort in your hotel room, the woman you’re talking to is making tiny judgements regarding how attractive she finds you with every word out of your lips – even if she doesn’t consciously realise it!

Here are some tips on making your words work for you when playing the game of seduction.

Cut Those Uncertain Interjections

A man who says ‘um’, ‘er’, or ‘like’ once per sentence is not a man who comes across as confident. And, as you know, confidence is an integral part of attractiveness. Force yourself to listen out for these meaningless conversation fillers while talking and practise eliminating them from your speech. An extra second of pre-planning before launching a statement can give you the direction you need to assuredly express yourself without any of those annoying gaps that beg for an ‘um’ to fill them.

Use Interesting Words (That You Know Well)

You can only tell a woman she is ‘very beautiful’ so many times before she starts to wonder if she’s conversing with an intelligent man or a glitchy record player. It’s time to work on your synonym game. Your date is gorgeous, delightful, stunning, and breathtaking. Show off the words you know with every topic you talk about together. Would it be peculiar to look up an online thesaurus on your phone while she’s in the bathroom? Yeah, a little bit, but men have done far stranger things for romance! Just be sure to play it safe by sticking to words you actually do know the meaning of; getting caught out using the wrong word could reverse all the attractiveness you’ve built up with your language repertoire so far.

Boost Your Textual Chemistry

You may be surprised by just how many women will make a decision about pursuing a man based on his spelling and grammar during initial digital contact. Many men fall down in this area not because they don’t know any better, but because they think it’s unimportant or that a bit of punctuation and spell-checking takes more time than it’s worth. The opposite is true. ‘You’re looking amazing in that dress, babe’ is more likely to open doors than ‘u look sooo good sexy!!’

You don’t need to recite poetry or use 10-syllable words to impress a lady, but putting some effort into your language really can make a big difference to how attractive you seem. Our Sydney escorts love to have a great chat (among other things!). Browse through our gallery to find a beautiful woman to spend the night with. Contact us to book a date.

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